Long-lasting results - without the use of “the knife”


Naturally Transformative

We’re proud to partner with Dr. Angelo Tellis, Cosmetic Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine Specialist and founder of Aegean Medical to bring you services that repair, restore, renew and enhance your body through safe, more natural methods than what has traditionally been offered in the medical arena.

Liposuction and LipoTransfer in Jacksonville

Have you ever just wanted to take some fat from down there and move it up here? Or shift it downward from your love handles to your rump? Lipotransfer breast or buttock enhancement allows you to naturally enhance the size or shape of your breasts or buttocks without the use of artificial implants. Maximal volume enhancement is best accomplished in stages of multiple outpatient procedures (usually two to three) spread out over time to ensure optimal. lasting results. LipoSuction and Scarless breast reduction procedures are also available.

  • Tumescent liposuction and breast enhancement in one procedure

  • All natural- nothing artificial is used.

  • Safe and gentle procedure.

  • Enhancement looks and feels like natural breasts

  • Future breast feeding not affected.

  • Rapid recovery.

  • Permanent, selective treatment of problem areas with smooth, even results.

  • Virtually no scarring at insertion sites.

  • Significantly reduced risk of complications

  • Comfortable outpatient procedure

  • Less bleeding, bruising and swelling.


Aegean Cosmetic

Experience powerful skin care treatments like PRP (platelet rich plasma) facials, Dermapen microneedling, and RF (radio frequency) skin tightening, capable of virtually turning back the hands of time. For those experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, Aegean Cosmetic can also perform PRP treatment to help promote hair restoration.


Aegean Orthopedic

Levergering your body’s own stem cells and PRP, these treatments are used to repair damage and regrow cartilage for knees, shoulders, hips, and a variety of other conditions where degeneration has occurred.

Why We Choose to Work With Aegean Medical

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In place of drugs, artificial substances or invasive surgeries, Aegean leverages your body’s natural healing agents including Platelet Rich Plasma and stem cells to address your needs. Aegean procedures are less invasive than traditional plastic or orthopedic surgery with much less downtime and recovery. Through cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge of harnessing the restorative power of your body, Aegean seeks to set the standard in the exciting new field of regenerative medicine in a compassionate, ethical and professional manner.

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Laser Skin Tightening for the Body

Don’t Settle for Sagging Skin!

In addition to the face, Nd:YAG laser skin tightening can also be used on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and more to effectively tighten loose skin while minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. Laser skin tightening for the body can improve the overall skin quality by stimulating the formation of new collagen which leads to improvements in erythema, pore size, skin texture and tone. But wait… It gets even better! Treatments can also provide long-lasting cellulite reduction in the thighs and buttocks.

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