The Best Facials & Skin Care

 in Jacksonville NC

At CPMedSpa, we love helping our clients turn back the visual signs of premature aging with expert skin care services like dermaplaning, micro-needling and clinical facials. We’re also passionate about connecting our community with highly effective skincare products that are both natural and safe. Ready to let the best version of yourself shine through?

Facials and Chemical Peels

What Kind of Facials Does CPMedSpa Offer?

Everyone has different goals and needs when it comes to their skin. Our expert skin care professionals will work with you to determine the specific facial that meets your unique needs. We offer a variety of clinical facial services including:

Appealing Peels

We offer Apeele Chemical Peels, a medical-grade multi-layer chemical peel used to accelerate skin cell turnover to reveal new skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines while brightening skin's tone and ability to moisturize itself. Available in light (5-7 day downtime) medium (6-8 day downtime) and forte strength applications.


Our Dermaplaning Exfoliating Facial includes deep cleansing with oxygenating steam application,  surgical blade mechanical exfoliation to gently but precisely remove some of the outermost layer of the epidermis called the stratum corneum. We follow with an enzyme treatment designed to soften and dissolve remaining dead skin flakes and particles. Finally, application of growth factor rich serum and moisturizer is performed.  All this to reveal smoother, brighter skin, while leaving the face free of peach fuzz for approximately four weeks.

Dermaplaning can be performed as an add-on service to our Deep Decongesting or Signature facials, or on its own during the Dermaplaning Exfoliating Facial.


The Best Microneedling in Jacksonville

Microneedling is an amazing way to heal skin damage and refine imperfections of both texture and tone (discoloration). By relying on the principle of neocollagenesis (new collagen production) and neovascularization (formation of new microscopic blood vessels which increase nutrient delivery to the skin) microneedling can address and improve acne scars, enlarged pores, creases and fine lines over a series of sessions in what is also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT). Microneedling can also be used to refine the texture and appearance of stretch marks. Three to four sessions performed 4 to 6 weeks apart can result in a 40 to 50% improvement in elasticity, tautness and smoothness.


The Tools

There are many micro needling devices on the market these days, but we choose to work with those that stand out from the rest.

Rejuvapen is a remarkable non-surgical, non-laser treatment device used to address fine lines, textural concerns, as well as hyperpigmentation of the skin. Rejuvapen is made in the USA and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, self-repairing properties of the skin that are 100% natural. While our clients say Rejuvepen system microneedling treatment provides outstanding results.

Candela Exceed offers enhanced treatment versatility as the first dual-indicated, FDA-cleared medical microneedling system for the treatment of both facial wrinkles and facial acne scar reduction.

Each treatment session delivers powerful results with minimal downtime.


88% of subjects reported significant improvement of their acne scars2


78% of subjects saw an improvement in periorbital wrinkles in just 90 days4


90% of patients saw an improvement in facial wrinkles1


88% reported they would recommend the treatment to family and friends2

Rezenerate Nano Facials

Get Ready for Next-Level Results

Virtually painless. No numbing or downtime required! Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, the Rezenerate NanoFacial is a 2019 Dermascope Awards Winner. When used with targeted serums, this impressive technology  induces a response to collagen and elastin in the skin that maximizes absorption of skin care products, which significantly boosts the potential for positive impact on your skin.  Unlike traditional microneedling, a NanoFacial exclusively conditions the dermis, which generates volume of microscopic conduits in the outermost layer and effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and addresses uneven skin tone, texture and imperfections.. Safe for treatment of delicate skin around the  lips and the eyes, this elevated experience can be used in conjunction with and even complement the effects of  botox or fillers.

rezenerate nanofacial


Electrodessication with Skin Classic

Address unsightly brown spots,  irritating skin tags,  broken capillaries and more through quick, precise treatments with Skin Classic. Leveraging direct high frequency technology, this state-of-the-art, non-laser treatment dehydrates and condenses irregular epidermal cells, creating a scab-like layer which naturally exfoliates in 5-15 days, revealing  brand new skin. In most cases, Skin Classic can effectively address age spots, sun spots, telangiectasia, keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry angioma, acne and more in a single treatment.